Welcome to Montford!

Whether you are a visitor, new to the neighborhood, or a longstanding resident, Montford is a great place to be. A portion of Montford is a National Register Historic District. Recent years in Montford have witnessed the renovation of many of the neighborhood’s residences by individual families and a myriad of industrious bed and breakfast owners who have helped to restore the district to its former splendor. The residents of Montford welcome you. It’s the people here, through all their efforts, that make this neighborhood a great place!

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Alternatives to Pesticides

Join the Asheville Alternatives to Pesticides Coalition for a free, four-part workshop series at Lenoir Rhyne University on Montford Avenue on the last Friday of the month, 6-9pm. Light refreshments will be served.

May 29: Towns That Are Reducing [… click heading to read more]

A Glittering Fragment of a Rainbow

Marci Spencer

She returned home alone and hungry. Travelling over 500 miles from winter home to summer residence, she needed food. Holding her 3½-inch body erect and hovering like a miniature helicopter, she tilted her head forward, slipping a [… click heading to read more]

Ask Away!

Dear Kelli,

I have a new neighbor that just moved in. What crystals should I give them for good spiritual balance and health? – Sunset H

Dear Sunset H,

Ah, scrap the traditional Jell-O mold [… click heading to read more]

Community Center News

Kim Kennedy

The Montford Playground Program is a great place for your child to have fun this summer. The program meets weekdays June 15-August 13, 8:30am-5:30pm and provides a full day of activities for your rising 1-5 grade child. [… click heading to read more]

Montford Walk-in Bakery to Close

Sue G. Russell

Jennifer and Neil Thomas are long-time residents of Montford, having lived in the house on the hill since 1989. They’ve seen Montford change, and change it will again with the projected June 1 closure of the [… click heading to read more]

Thank You New Sponsors of the 2015 Festival


Chiesa (kee-ay-sa) features fresh, simple, and local ingredients from farm neighbors. In addition to our regular fare, Chiesa will now be open starting at 2pm Thursday – Sunday for a Small Plates Menu. Enjoy a sunny afternoon on [… click heading to read more]

Sponsors From March and April—Thank You

Bunn House

Hickory Nut Gap Farm

The Hands of Sean Perry Co.

Chinese Acupuncture and Herbology Clinic


Asheville Racquet Club/Adelaide

Harpe Laser and Wellness

Asheville Dental Wellness

Henco Reprographics

Great Beginnings Pediatric Dentistry

Nathan Snider, CPA

LaZoom [… click heading to read more]

Montford Neighborhood Association Meetings

Montford Neighborhood Association Meeting

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

The Montford Neighborhood Association held the regularly scheduled monthly meeting on Tuesday, October 21, 2014 at 7pm at the Montford Community Center on Pearson Drive. In attendance were MNA board members [… click heading to read more]

Second Montford Challenge to benefit the Montford Music and Arts Festival

This is an updated post.

Longtime Montford residents and Festival Supporters Brian May and Scott Merrill have offered a Second Montford Challenge to benefit the Montford Music and Arts Festival on May 16, 2015.

They will also match up [… click heading to read more]

2015 Festival Bands


Billy Jonas

Funky Folk Music for the Whole Family. It’s a “neo-tribal hootenanny.” Original voice and percussion-based songs with a generous dose of audience participation. The music mixes conventional instruments (guitar, bass, marimba) with homemade creations (buckets [… click heading to read more]