Welcome to Montford!

Whether you are a visitor, new to the neighborhood, or a longstanding resident, Montford is a great place to be. A portion of Montford is a National Register Historic District. Recent years in Montford have witnessed the renovation of many of the neighborhood’s residences by individual families and a myriad of industrious bed and breakfast owners who have helped to restore the district to its former splendor. The residents of Montford welcome you. It’s the people here, through all their efforts, that make this neighborhood a great place!

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First Signs of the MNA Sign Grant Program

Look for new signage at One Click Fix, 438 Montford Avenue and also a dramatic new sign at everyone’s favorite Italian Restaurant, Montford’s own Chiesa. The debut of the Chiesa sign will be accompanied by one of Chiesa’s [… click heading to read more]

Movin’ Around Montford

By Sue G. Russell

If you’re out strolling, walking for your health, or just want to get the uplift a brisk constitutional gives, you can’t do much better than a walk up/down Chestnut Avenue. Keep your eyes [… click heading to read more]

Natural Neighborhoods: Sustaining Trees in Montford

Lisa Wagner, Montford Resident, Former Director of Education, South Carolina Botanical Garden, Clemson University

We live in a historic neighborhood with abundant trees, but they weren’t all here when Montford was established over a century ago. The [… click heading to read more]

Crows: Naughty Ninjas

Cherie Morris

There’s something about crows – black, menacing ninjas, muttering “Nevermore.” Personally I’m a crow lover and I will try to convert you – resistance is futile!

Caw! Caw!

Yes, they can be noisy, [… click heading to read more]


Please support these businesses, as they support your neighborhood!

Nine Mile Restaurant?

233 Montford Ave, Asheville, NC, 505-3121 751 Haywood Rd, Asheville, NC, 575-9903

Nine Mile is a casual full-service vegetarian-friendly restaurant and bar with two locations in [… click heading to read more]

2016 Music and Arts Festival Heralds Spring

Saturday, May 21, 10am – 7pm, Montford Avenue

Jerry Connor

It’s that time again and are we in for an even greater neighborhood treat. As reported in the last newsletter, the new festival layout will stretch down Montford Avenue [… click heading to read more]

Ladies and Gentlemen!

Step right up, step right up! The Montford Neighborhood Challenge is now in full swing and needs you to participate. Once again, Hernán and Lou Ann Navarro have offered to match up to $1000 in donations from Montford neighbors [… click heading to read more]

Our Good Neighbor Parrish Rhodes

Joanie Miller

Parrish Rhodes passed away on March 13 at age 84. I know many of you knew her. She lived in Asheville for 15 years, on Chestnut Street, and before that, Montford Avenue. When she found out she [… click heading to read more]


Montford Neighborhood Association Meetings

Third Tuesday of every month, Montford Community Center, Pearson Drive. Next meeting: Tuesday April 18, 2016, 7pm. Watch the listserv for agenda items.

All residents are welcome. Everyone in Montford is a member of the [… click heading to read more]

Upcoming Festival—Volunteers Needed

Kim Kennedy

There is no better way to support your neighborhood than volunteering at the Montford Music and Arts Festival. The festival is Saturday, May 21 and we need volunteers from 7am all the way until 9pm.

Volunteers are [… click heading to read more]